Meet The Crew: Kate


Kate a.k.a. Rowles Royce

A member of the Scales & Shells family for over 20 years, Kate’s passion for the restaurant is evident to anyone who meets her. We love that she’s willing to pass on her knowledge to our newest employees and is a genuine fan of the restaurant - stopping in for dinner on her nights off when she just can’t get enough of our signature dishes!

We asked Kate to answer a few fun questions. Keep reading to see what she had to say...

Kate with her pup Murray at the Sidewalk Café.

Kate with her pup Murray at the Sidewalk Café.

Q: How long have you worked at Scales & Shells?

I've worked at Scales & Shells since 1998. A person born the day I started working at Scales can now drink there legally. A previous Scales employee recommended the job to me when I was graduating from college.

Q: What makes you excited to come to work?

The people! We are a family. Plus the food. I am proud to serve such delicious food. (now, if only I could cook it!)

Q: What is your go-to dish on the menu?

Pan Seared Sesame Crusted Tuna

Q: What is your spirit sea animal?

Sea otter; athletic, social, and nurturing 

Q: What is something at the top of your bucket list?

My own boat with a head and swim ladder at a mooring off the Point :) 10 years out!

Q: What is your favorite Newport activity?

Cliff Walk with my pups; Ledge Rd to Doris Duke's

Q: My favorite Scales memory is…

OMG too many, I grew up there. First night with a tractor trailer showing up on the sidewalk and we had to empty it of all the dining chairs. In '98 trying to understand why all the girls are wearing bike shorts and how I could EVER fit in them. Andy's homemade Limoncello. UpScales on Saturday nights. Haricot verts. Regulars like the Ticks. Former staff like Lee and Damon. Karaoke Holiday party with Jess singing Santa Baby. Serving Fra upon Fra. Unwinding at the basement table, sharing stories from the night!

Next time you pop in for dinner and drinks you might find Kate discussing the menu at the chalkboard with her guests or on her nights off, you might even find her dining next to you, enjoying one of her favorite dishes! 

Thanks, Kate, for stepping into the Scales spotlight. We can’t wait to see you on your dream boat off the Point of Newport, you deserve it!